Sunday, November 8, 2009

Musical Rut (this is for you Jamie)

My latest excuse for not blogging : Our camera broke :( and I hate to blog without any pictures. So I've been avoiding it, I can't show you the amazing owl pumpkin I carved, nor the blackout Utes game we went to on Halloween or any of our other latest happenings.

I Mckesley Anne have something to confess, I have been in a dark musical rut. Nothing on I tunes stood out to me, I would by single songs here and there, but nothing I couldn't wait to listen to. Nothing that I played on repeat over and over again. Then I came across this band that I love love loved several years ago, but forgot about. I was browsing on Itunes and found them, and am again in love !! I am so relieved to again own an album that I am excited to listen to ! Though me and this album still have a lot of getting to know you to do...... I have a feeling we will be good friends for quite some time.

Please feel free to check them out: Anberlin, New Surrender.

Jamie, I hope you are happy ;) It was my goal to do a post this weekend, just for your sake. Enjoy !!


Jamie said...

Kess!! i'm so very happy to 1) see my name in your blog (that's always the best) & 2) You blogged!!!

And Anberlin is like my fav... Remember all the times we saw his sexy old man face :) I love him and his band!

Morgan said...

i love love anberlin good post kess!

Jonathan said...

remember how there is something attractive about him even though he really isn't that good looking and his moves on the stage are so hot!

Alicia said...

Ha ha that last post that says Jonathan was not actually from my husband it was from me....I was logged under his name. Oh that would be creepy if you thought it was him posting that;)